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prompting discussion!

hi lovely members of WACET WDHSO! i'm going to try to prompt some discussion, feel free to comment or leave your own entry.

so, what do you enjoy about being single? surely you can think of at least a few things. here are a few things that pop immediately into my head:

1) i can go on vacation for several weeks and HAVE FUN without worrying about getting online or using phone card time to call my sig. other. this was a big problem for me last year during a three-week trip... this year, i can take a trip and not have to worry.
2) i don't have to feel guilty about checking out guys or flirting.
3) i can go out and do fun things without worrying about being on AIM so i can talk to my sig other (again, this was once a big problem for me).
4) i'm able to focus a lot of time on studying and doing well in my classes. to think, i got a B in stats last year because i let myself get distracted by some guy!
5) i have a lot of time to myself... this could be a bad thing, and it may sound selfish but... i truly believe that i need to spend some time learning about who i am and how to appreciate myself before i can attempt any sort of relationship. hey, i'm cool... spending time with myself can be pretty interesting!

so... discuss! :)
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